DIY Guide for Cheap Cell Phone Repair

We all love our gadgets and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your phone is your best friend. And if something were to happen to it, you get a mini-heartache. Sometimes while walking on the road, your phone can slip away from your hand or other times it can just fall down from the table. You never know what can happen and next thing you know is you have a broken screen. You can obviously have your phone screen repaired. But the best thing you can do is to repair it yourself. So here we are assisting you so that next time when any unfortunate situation occurs, you are there to solve it.

However, one thing you should always remember that your mobile is fragile and even when you are yourself repairing the screen you need to do it with utmost care. The first step to replacing or repairing your screen is to disassemble your phone and remove its broken parts. This though is one of the simple things if not done properly then the whole process can go for a toss.

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The disassembly is the hardest and most dangerous part of the screen replacement process. A little mishandling can break plastics, tear ribbon cables and generally do irreparable damage to other pieces inside the phone. So it’s better to go slow.

Remember not to use sharp objects and make sure the place you are sitting has a lot of room for all screws and tiny pieces.  Although each model is different the process is more of less similar.  You need at least a tiny screw driver and a prying tool of some kind.

Once you get the first round of screws under the battery cover removed, you’ll need to pry apart the casing until the catches unsnap. This is an exercise in gentle force — apply just enough to get them separated, but not enough to do damage. These catches tend to re-snap themselves if you don’t pull them out far enough. It’s hard to know when that is, though, so slowly work your way around the edge of the casing until it starts to separate, and then gently see if you can pull it apart.

Once you’re inside your phone, the biggest risk is damaging its main ribbon cable. This is a broad,  flat cable that connects the LCD and digitizer to the phone’s main board. If it gets torn or broken in any way, it’ll have to be replaced too, likely for at least another $20. This, is the main reason why you should avoid using sharp objects.

Screen Replacement

Next you will need to remove this cable to replace the screen, so be very gentle. Detach it from the phone’s main board first, and then remove the main board to expose the display. If you have a phone with a slide-out panel, the display half will need to be separately disassembled. When the screen is exposed, check carefully for whatever parts you need to save from the old screen assembly. Things like a front-facing camera and any capacitive buttons are usually not included with new parts, so they need to be removed and reinstalled with the new screen. From here, you have to get the screen and digitizer out. This is probably going to wreck both pieces. LCDs in particular are very, very delicate, and the force needed to get it all unglued will probably break anything short of Gorilla Glass. If you want to remove these glued parts without too much damage, heating them up with a hair dryer can help.

LCDs are made of weak glass, but it’s still glass, which means it can still cut and stab if you aren’t paying attention. The much stronger glass of the digitizer is even more dangerous if it goes to pieces, though it’ll usually stay together even if it cracks. After you get those parts off, go around the edges of the device and trim any loose adhesive material that’s sticking out. Once that’s done, very carefully seat the glass digitizer into the frame, and then reattach the ribbon cables. There’ll be one for the earpiece, light sensor and camera, one for the capacitive buttons, and one for the main cable itself.

Once done with these steps thread the main cable through the sliding mechanism. Replace the main board, connect the main ribbon to it, and screw everything into place. It’s almost done.

Next is you reassemble the phone and snap the cover back into place and install the battery. And you’re done. However if at all your phone doesn’t work when you switch it on don’t panic. You might have a loose cable or so. So check thoroughly without going into the panic mode and by the time you are done you phone is back to life.


Damaged Cell Phone Means ‘Communication Damage’ and ‘Business Damage’

Everyone keeps chattering about the most popular videos on YouTube or most popular social networking website; which receives highest views. Did you ever imagine what receives the highest number of opinions in an electronic world? It’s the mobile phone screen. So, if it’s broken don’t take a time to get your Cell Phone Screen Repair. Be a part of the vision which is most popular amongst the highest number of the population across the globe. It’s a truth, that when a cell phone gets damaged due to water, or when one of the components of a cell phone is damaged accidentally; it’s the direct damage to the communications.

Cell Phone Repair - 5

Damage due to the gap in communication, indirectly also means the cost to your business. When there is a lack of communication, obviously it’s going to affect your business. So, always give the highest priority to a Cell Phone Repair, whenever you face the problem with your mobile. Cell phones have become a necessity in the world. Today most of the activities that take place online are done with the help of smartphones, including business related activities. Without a cellular phone, it becomes difficult to communicate, it becomes uneasy to do shopping, it creates inconvenience for online banking, and almost all of the business and personal activities gets affected. Without a smartphone, it’s tough to speed up the standard processes.
Cell Phone Repair - 7 One of the most common habits of every human is that they get their Cell Phone Repair only when there is a major fault. Sometimes it’s very beneficial to refurbish a mobile phone, even when it does not have problems. There are also several benefits of restoring a phone, which is not in the knowledge of most of the people. While everyone is busy in their fast running lives, people never concentrates on their cell phone all the times. Due to this, the smartphones are handled roughly. Sometimes due to carelessness, and other times due to accidental damages, an internal technical fault occurs; which is unidentified from outside.

Before a person detects the problem, they never know what the problem with their cell phone is or where the problem does exist within their mobile. So, when you refurbish your phone, a complete checkup and maintenance are carried out on your phone. It is the largest advantages of renovating the phone promptly. Sometimes it has been observed that the cell phone screen is damaged, but there is no visible crack on the outer surface of the phone. But the screen displays blurry image or unclear texts, and sometimes while playing the video, the picture keeps changing every few seconds.

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In such situation, it’s real and natural for an owner of the top smartphone to get confused. They assume that their phone is in working condition. In such circumstances, you should only consult with some reputed and branded Cell Phone Repair shop which is popular amongst their clients and which delivers proven results. For example Wireless Solutions NY; one of the trusted Cell Phone Screen Replacement shop located in New York. This company only employs skilled and certified technicians; due to which the chance of unnecessary destruction of the phone during the repair process is almost equal to zero. It’s suggested to get in touch with such companies, whenever you face any major or minor problem with your mobile phone.

The Priority Factor: Cell Phone Repair VS Cell Phone Replacement

We all are aware that products made of glass are fragile and delicate. Here we are on-topic about cell phone parts, possibility of damages in a cell phone, repair of cell phone and finally replacement; if there are no more alternatives. If you monitor or research the nearby locations, such as at the home or office of your friends, relatives or neighborhoods; you will observe that most of the cell phones are replaced by people, just because of minor problems with their parts. Most people spend more unknowingly or unintentionally, because of lack of knowledge. That’s the focus point of this article. Cell Phone Repair costs efficient and economical option, in circumstances when there is Cell Phone Screen Damage or when there is a requirement for Cell Phone Screen Repair due to some other reasons.

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There is not required to replace the entire phone just because one of its parts or components had some minor issue. For example: just imagine the spending load on your pockets when you replace a Samsung Galaxy S5. You spend $400 twice i.e. once when you initially purchase it to fulfill your desires and requirements, and a second time when you replaced the older one with a new one, due to the expiry of warranty period. Now imagine an alternative; where you get your Cell Phone Repair at some shop where skilled technicians and experts resolve your problem and charge you only a few bucks in comparison what you would spend on cell phone replacement.

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However, it’s essential to take care that you get it repaired only from a company, where the technicians are highly skilled; and hold sufficient expertise, qualifications, and experience to solve the problems. In this way, you can save your money; which you can use with freedom for some other purposes. There may sometimes be situations when your cell phone has some issue related to its components. There are many components in a mobile phone and are very delicate because they are very tiny. So, only an experienced technician with enough skills can solve the problems related to a Cell Phone Repair.

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One of the most popular destinations is Wireless Solutions NY. With a large number of client base, this company attracts many customers who have issues with their Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone or with their other smartphones. The company’s screening process is rigorous, and only hires skilled people with enough experience. So, if you are one of those looking for issues related to Water Damage, Screen Replacement, Unlocking or require Mail-in-Repair; then just dial the sales team or technical team for further assistance & get a free estimation. They will immediately support you. There is one of the main reasons behind client attraction and broad client base, towards this company.

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