Easy ways to crack the code for Cell Phone Unlocking

The first thing that most would ask whether it is really required unlocking a cell phone. The answer lies in your choice of gadgets and its usage. Most cell phone manufacturers lock their products electronically such that it could be used with a promised service provider. In CDMA sets, the device manufacturer partners with a connection provider and it are maintained that the phone cannot be used with any other service. This way companies can force people to pay high call rates and other charges.

While you find the device interesting, the connection that comes alongside is a bad deal. In certain other cases, cell phones are region locked, wherein users will not be able to operate the device outside a particular political boundary. This is mostly the case with imported phone. Now, if your brother in USA wants you to gift a really admirable device, there is a certain problem if you are a European. Most American phones wouldn’t work in European and Asian countries. This is where one requires cell phone unlocking.

cell phone unlocking

The electronic locks in phones are breakable and with certain device it is possible to enter a password code that could break the locking forever. However, certain other high end devices need special tools and data terminals to break the codes. This certainly doesn’t fall into the category of a ‘crime’! Manufacturers know that cell phone unlocking techniques exist and the security is just to maximize the potential of their reasons for the lock.

The first thing when you buy such a device is to check whether lock codes are breakable. Note that all GSM phones can be unlocked since there is no account tied to the phone, nor do they come with a unmovable SIM chip. There are basically two ways to unlock cell phones service.

In the easiest of methods, one just needs to unlock the phone using a local SIM and after the lock has been deactivated, carry it to any country or region for use. The code is most times a unique number that is particular to the device number and based on a manufacturer serial, also referred to as the IMEI. For most of the Nokia models, it will take just $5 to get a code and enter it into the phone. This however is done by experts who are readily available at your service.

The second way of cell phone unlocking is processing the phones software or “firmware”. In this case, the operating system of the phone needs to be rewritten to unlock the device. To maintain the process, the phone needs to be connected via a data cable to a special programming unit.

In many other cases, unlocking the phone just requires calling up the service provider and paying a fee for the code. Generally it takes for a few weeks for the unlock code to come to your inbox. In harder cases, the requisite is to stay on a network or plan for a minimum period of say 12 months before you can ask for the unlock code. If your operator still refuses to provide the unlock code or you are too keen on breaking the code early, you can look for various online forums that provide specific DIY techniques for every device.

There is also special software available on the internet that help in cell phone unlocking and could be effectively used on your device. If you aren’t too comfortable doing it yourself, there is no dearth of professionals looking for projects!

Wireless Solutions offers cell phone unlocking services with no data loss and our technicians are provide unlock services and cell phone repairing service at ny center in affordable pricing.


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